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Your breath - the most powerful tool you own

Anxiety and depression rates are at there highest, being the most common mental illness in the UK.

The most damaging symptom of long term stress and anxiety is habitual over breathing. This leads to a number of implications such as:

•Dry skin, mouth, eyes


•Brain fatigue

•Abdominal spasms

•Chronic Fatigue



•Cold hands and feet

•Blood Pressure High or Low

•Shortness of breath


•Sleep Apnea

•Postural Issues

•Heart Attacks

When we are stressed and anxious we tend to breath hard short breaths through the mouth using the upper chest. Breathing this way causes us to over breath - we are breathing in excess of what our body needs.

Over breathing causes narrowing of the airways, limiting your body’s ability to oxygenate.

Your mind and body cannot work efficiently when there is not enough oxygen is available.

We can help control and change how we feel by simply retraining the breath.

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